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Since opening our doors to patients back in 2010, Sak Thong Thai massage § Therapy center has been a leading therapeutic center for patients that need thai massage in Tenerife, Los Cristianos area.  We now have opened a center in Gran Canarias. We care about the satisfaction of our patients and guarantee top of the line medical services to get you back to full health. Visit us today and see how we can help you or your loved ones.


In Sak Thong Thai Massage the body feels at home - relaxed, toned, renewed. The skin takes a breath, muscles and joints feel the beneficial power of healing energy amidst exotic aromas, oils and essences that encourage the senses to feel the full enjoyment of life. We know the needs of the body and speak its language with professionalism and attention, so we know the exact care for each of our guests.


The human body is perfect. It brings knowledge and wisdom and guides us how to take care of it. Pain and discomfort are signals for rest and recharging.


We are here to eliminate pain and physical anxiety. The massage therapies we offer are tailored to your personal needs and symptoms, so you can feel the true power and relief of professional massage with a therapeutic effect.

At Sak Thong Thai Massage we offer you a high range facial and body of treatments and therapies, as well as having a great nail bar service in which we offer a great color chart and wonderful treatments for hands and feet.




Traditional Thai healing practices determine that when sen is blocked, energy builds up and the body loses its balance, leading to a number of ailments. Thai massage works through external stimuli that unlock specific internal effects in the body, restoring the free flow of energy, and this leads to healing and harmony. This effect is achieved by treating the body, relieving joint stiffness and by regulated and deep breathing. Thai massage is often associated with the yoga system, which includes meditation to relax the psyche.

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Visit Us Today

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11.00 am. - 9 pm.



Calle Juan XXIII, 29, Los Cristianos, Canary Islands, Spain

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